Breaking Barriers- Monsieur de Chanel

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Mr. Beau said he often described Chanel not as a fashion brand but as a true luxury brand, consistently creating products that endure. “We are able to mix tradition and fashion,” he said. “That’s the magic of Chanel.”

Chanel steps into the boys’ club with first men’s timepiece, Monsieur de Chanel. 

French atelier Chanel is expanding offerings for its male clientele through the introduction of its first men’s timepiece. Chanel presented the first men’s watch at the Baselworld in Switzerland, alongside launching a collection of limited edition watches for women.

This is the first time Chanel has forayed into the men’s sphere, producing only men’s fragrances till now.

“It is natural that this year we would want to explore the great complications of the masculine field. We feel we have a great contribution to give,” said, Nicolas beau, the international watch director at Chanel. He went on to state that no market surveys and statistics were the basis of the launch of mens watches. 

The watch may have debuted in March, but will be officially launched and available in June. 

As per the International New York Times, the Monsieur Watch will be limited to a series of 300, half in beige gold and half in white gold. The watch will retail for $35,000 to $37,000, respectively.

Besides being the first men’s watch by Chanel, the Monsieur Watch counts other firsts for the house in the horology space. The watch, which took five years to develop, features Chanel’s first movement made in-house, the Calibre 1, and was the first timepiece built at the brand’s La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Certainly Chanel is moving in the opposite direction to its watchmaking peers, which is focusing on the women’s watches and when the men’s market is widely perceived as slowing down. 

This is Chanel’s way of exploring all aspects of watchmaking, hence the reason to get into complications of masculine watchmaking. 

The movement’s black, complex and architectural design in matte and glossy tones, revealed through its transparent back cover, is a contrast with the minimalist silvered opaline dial. “You have this very beautiful engine and then you turn it over, and you have an extremely simple, lean and clean design,” Mr. Beau said. “It’s like a watch with two faces”. In the past Chanel has designed and selected movements to compliment a watch’s overall aesthetic but, for the Monsieur, the Calibre 1 movement became the driving force for everything that followed.

Known to break the barriers, cross boundaries, Chanel does it once again with the Monsieur de Chanel. 




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