The Up and Coming Tokyo Fashion Week

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Having a closer look at the fashion week, some of the key things that really stood out are:

  1. INFLUENCE: There was a complete street style influence. Taking a leaf out of the eighties fashion  handbook, Japan’s fashionistas rolled out in a series of unsurprisingly striking getups, ranging from voluminous tees to a throwback French football track jacket marking a particular highlight. Elsewhere, there was plenty of modern streetwear, some tailored menswear and some outrageously kaleidoscopic, eye-grabbing getups. Clashing slogan tees and pixie cuts were the rage. 

  2. NEWCOMER: A “back to school” influence was the only noticeable Tokyo-ready trend on display during the week. Newcomer Akikoaoki delivered a small but interesting collection as part of a group show called Tokyo New Age that included oversized pleated skirts and blazers, an allusion to retro Japanese school uniforms. The up-and-coming designer added a twist to her creations in the form of bleached plaids that faded to pink or were presented in splatter patterns, all styled with military jackets and nylon jumpsuits. 

  3. THE LADY TO LOOK AT: Someone who stood out in the forefront at Fashion Week was Mademoiselle Yulia. Multitalented, this DJ cum singer is one to watch out for. Also a designer, generally draped in Chanel, she is front row creme de la creme.

  4. MOD TAKE ON JAPAN:At the other end of the spectrum is Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi’s Matohu, which is revered for its minute attention to detail on silhouettes that are inspired by kimono and other traditional Japanese attire. The pair’s latest collection was actually its most “modern” yet, introducing mod vibes and female dandy influences on blazers in “creamsicle” orange gradations, patchwork trimmings on pencil skirts and even a cool, black motorcycle jacket.

  5. COOLEST HANGOUT: The coolest place where Saint Laurent models sashaying up and down,  playing all nighted pool games,is the Son of Cheese. A dive bar in Daikanyama is the place to be seen in your toughest leather jacket and party till your last breath. This one’s a rager.

  6. SIGNATURE LOCAL STYLE: The souvenir jacket was a style piece everyone had and wore. Available in silk and with different styles on the back of it, this trend is very typical Japan.

This fashion week was a good mix of eighties pop art, silk souvenir jackets, with a dash of back to school influence and a contemporary take on Japanese silhouettes. This fashion week was worth attending, even Gwen Stefani did.


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