H&M Conscious Exclusive – From High Street to Parisian Chic?

cons 1.jpg

“IT’S GREAT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE SUSTAINABLE CLOTHES THAT LOOK RED-CARPET READY.” says Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the official model for this collection.

Inspired by 19th century French paintings, this is collection is an eclectic mix of sustainable fabrics and with inspiration from 20th century art deco jewellery.

“We need to not only make fashion sustainable, but to make sustainability fashionable,” says Anna Gedda, H&M’s head of sustainability. While environmental friendliness is at the core of the brand’s Conscious Exclusive range, its newly debuted 2016 collection almost makes you forget it. The stellar designs, inspired by a deep dive into the Louvre’s archives, are simply great fashion, period. And perhaps that’s the point.


The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection features clothing and accessories made from more sustainable materials. The collection takes inspiration from the archives of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, located in the Palais du Louvre in Paris. New to this year’s collection are three wedding dresses, one of which was lit with fibre optics to showcase the craftsmanship and design specially created by Paris-based Korean artist Tae Gong Kim.


There are also some highlighted pieces which are made from innovative sustainable materials, such as eucalyptus bark for a pair of high fashion flats and cat-eye sunglasses made from plastic bags.

“We at H&M are committed to recycling and see the future as circular. We invite our customers to join in the movement and bring their unwanted clothes to any H&M store,” says Daniel Kulle, President of H&M US.

The complete H&M Conscious Exclusive collection will be available on Thursday, April 7 in 165 stores worldwide and online at hm.com. This will coincide with the opening of the H&M sponsored Musée des Arts Décoratifs’ exhibition, “Fashion Forward-300 Years of Fashion.” H&M will launch their World Recycle Week initiative in stores on April 18th.

Make sure you follow this trend and try out sustainable luxury.!!!



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