Guten Morgen!- Amazing Things to do in Berlin


Forget about New York – Berlin is the city that truly never sleeps. Sometimes it seems as though Berliners are the lotus eaters of Germany, people who love nothing more than a good time. The city’s vast party spectrum caters for every taste, budget and age group. From tiny basement clubs to industrial techno temples, chestnut-canopied beer gardens to fancy cocktail caverns, saucy cabarets to ear-pleasing symphonies – Berlin delivers hot-stepping odysseys, and not just after dark and on weekends but pretty much 24/7. Pack your stamina!

Berlin’s combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerise anyone keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history.

  1. BEAR PIT KARAOKE happens in the open-air amphitheatre in Mauerpark, every Sunday afternoon.

  2. You’re probably already going to TEMPELHOF, the former airfield-cum-park, where skaters and bikers whizz along the airstrip and young people picnic among renegade gardens. But go deep and check out a tour of the vast old airport building itself, which will take you from a Third Reich bunker to an early-90s basketball court once-frequented by American GIs. Yes, this tour is well over two hours long, but it’s wonderful.

  3. Stuffed to the gills with bits and pieces of magnificent old instruments,PIANO SALON CHRISTOPHORI is a workshop-slash-warehouse that by night becomes an eccentric concert hall, hosting intimate performances by world-class classical and jazz musicians.

  4. Once the site of East Germany’s sole amusement park, run into the ground by a hapless owner, Speerpark is a now-defunct fairground on the east side of Treptower Park. It is bizarre and fascinating. Enter at your own risk, in terms of both your physical safety (beware the rotting planks of the roller coaster) and emotional welfare (the ferris wheel turns with a ghostly creak whenever the wind blows). Have a wander on your own, or wait for a special occasion – last winter saw a Christmas market on the site, and there are rumours that the miniature train will ride again.

  5. By day a café, former pharmacy Ora – complete with all the antique fixtures – transforms into a charming bar at night. Cocktails are that’s mixed up from one of the vintage glass jars behind the wooden counter, and there are light snack from the creative bio-speise (organic food) menu. Easily one of the most romantic new spots in Kreuzberg.

  6. FARB FERNSEHER is a perfect little club for the kind of night when you want to dance, dance, dance but don’t want to stand, stand, stand in line at Berghain. Head there around 1am or 2am, grab a vodka Maté (Berlin’s signature soft drink, Club Maté, with a wildly unmeasured shot) and get ready to move on the crowded, sweaty, butechtfriendly floor until you fall over.

  7. It’s not easy to find an expensive meal in Berlin, but Michelin-starred PAULY SAAL delivers a perfect fine-dining experience in a beautiful space in a former Jewish Girls’ School in Mitte. Seasonal menus are augmented by a 600-strong wine list and gorgeous cocktails, at your table or as a nightcap in the sexy and upscale bar.

Berlin is the perfect place for a city break and these are just some of the amazing and unique things to do in Berlin.

Besuchen Berlin!!



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