From the Bed to the Ballroom: Boudoir Dressing

bd 1


It’s official: bed dressing is no longer reserved solely for the bedroom.

We’re not just talking about pyjama shirts during the day, but the focus has shifted to night gowns, comprising of silk robes, slinky camisoles and pyjama-style silk trousers, affirming lingerie style is seducing beyond the boudoir this season.

The mood is more sensual than overtly sexy. How to get it right? When it comes to robes, oyster-coloured silk looks more luxe than white, as proved by Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy – and is softer on the complexion. Keep cuffs short though: bracelet length spells uber-chic, and is far more practical when dining. Ooze sex appeal by opting for a plunging neckline in an otherwise all-covered-up loose-fitting look, or toughen up a floor-length slip dress by pairing with a bomber jacket and trainers, as seen in Alexander Wang.

bd 2

Trailing ribbons at Givenchy and Calvin Klein tap into another theme of the season: the idea of coming undone, which is imbued with sensuality. Finally forgo ballet flats and elevate your look with heels or studded boots (slippers suggest off to bed). Go a step beyond simple pyjama-dressing: your negligee is now a fashion statement piece.


Make this in the bed look trendy. Put on your best heels and walk out in a slip dress.



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