Travel Diaries – Saturday



Looking for an urban experience and something different unlike New York or London, then head down under to Sydney.

It is the perfect and terrific destination for those who want to explore a bustling enclave. During the month of May, Sydney hosts Vivid Sydney, an epic annual event highlighting music, design and innovation.

The sights to see are Bondi Beach, the Harbour bridge, the famous lotus shaped Opera house and Sydney Harbour National Park.

 There’s always a new restaurant to try, undercover bar to hunt down, hip band to check out, sports team to shout at, show to see or crazy party to attend. The city’s pretensions to glamour are well balanced by a casualness that means a cool T-shirt and a tidy pair of jeans will get you in most places. But if you want to dress up and show off, there’s plenty of opportunity for that among the sparkling lights of the harbour.

If you want a bit of luxury in your living, then try the Park Hyatt or the Four Seasons Hotel.

 There is a good blend of restaurants to historical areas and endless beach experiences. It really is a diverse city, ideal for every kind of person, especially the city lovers.


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