Travel Diaries – Monday


lake tahoe.jpg

Shimmering in myriad shades of blue and green, Lake Tahoe is the USA’s second-deepest lake and, at 6255ft high, it is also one of the highest-elevation lakes in the country. Driving around the lake’s spellbinding 72-mile scenic shoreline will give you quite a workout behind the wheel. Generally speaking, the north shore is quiet and upscale; the west shore, rugged and old-timey; the east shore, undeveloped; the south shore, busy and tacky, with aging motels and flashy casinos; and nearby Reno, the biggest little city in the region.

Swimming, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding and other water sports take over in summer, as do hiking, camping and wilderness backpacking adventures. Winter brings bundles of snow, perfect for those of all ages to hit the slopes at Tahoe’s top-tier ski and snowboard resorts.

What we love about Lake Tahoe is that there is no off-season, ever. The Northern California-Nevada region offers an endless number of things to do and see at any time of year. Whether you hit the slopes in winter or explore the big, blue lake by jet ski in the summer, your trip is going to be a win. There are plenty of great lodging options throughout the area, too. The Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe offers an expansive experience for those who want a little bit of it all. With fine-dining restaurant Manzanita, a hip cafe, a top-notch spa, and of course, just few steps from the storied slopes of Northstar, you might not ever leave.

If you love adventure, with a dash of luxury and upscale living, then check out Lake Tahoe.



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