Going back to it’s Roots: Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall Winter Campaign

dolce-gabbanas-fallwinter-2016-campaign-photographed-on-location-in-naples-italy 2

                                                   Picture courtesy: Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana just unveiled its cultural fall/winter 2016 ad campaign. The images were photographed by Franco Pagetti on the cobblestone streets of Naples, Italy.

The energetic new images star Naples locals, as well as models Bianca Balti, Leila Goldkuhl, Sasha Kichigina, Mayowa Nicholas and Cong He. The “regular” people also appear sporting Armani and Louis Vuitton products — which Dolce & Gabbana made no effort to hide, according to Fashionista.

“We’re here in Naples because we think these people are the best people in the world. Very strong. With unlimited heart,” the Milan-based brand wrote the label on its Facebook page. “It is still like the 1950s here, in a way. This is a place that hasn’t lost its roots and we appreciate that.”

Back in February, hearsay began to circulate in the fashion industry that former Gucci CEO Patrizio di Marco would reportedly be joining Dolce & Gabbana’s board, people familiar with the situation said at the time. Then, in April,WWD reported that the match did not work out in the end.

In December 2014, di Marco and wife Frida Giannini, Gucci’s former creative director, left the Italian fashion house. She was replaced by popular designer Alessandro Michele.



                                               Picture courtesy: Dolce & Gabbana


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