Fashion + Fitness Collaboration – Alexander Wang and Adidas

Design maverick Alexander Wang has partnered with sports label favourite Adidas for a new unisex collection.


New York Fashion Week is full of surprises, and at the end of his runway show on Saturday night, Alexander Wang shocked the audience by unveiling an unexpected collaboration with Adidas.

After showing off Wang’s spring/summer 2017 designs for his namesake label, models ran backstage to change into looks from the designer’s 84-piece unisex collaboration of apparel and footwear with Adidas while a teaser film for the collection was played to entertain the audience.

For Wang, this collaboration, which will launch for spring/summer 2017, provided him the opportunity to work with a brand he wore in his youth and a footwear style — sneakers — that he loves.

“I grew up on sneakers. It’s a very interesting time obviously for (all) sportswear, the whole market and how people utilize fitness, incorporate it into their daily uniform. So the sneaker is something that I’ve always been very close to. And it’s always been something that’s very hard for us to do in house, to be honest – obviously Adidas has the most innovative resources,”

With the collection, Wang aimed to make Adidas’ aesthetic feel fresh while still keeping the designs recognizable as being Adidas.

“It was really about saying, how do we take something and shake it up a little, disrupt it, but at the same time not change it so much where it doesn’t feel right,” Wang said.

Adidas hopes to capitalize on Wang’s downtown-cool style.

“I’ve been a fan for a long time, this connection he has with culture and New York and breaking down boundaries. What I really love about Alex is that he is a really established part of the fashion world, but he stands for not being elitist.

Alexander Wang fits the bill of the non elitist but fashionable designer. He lets people in and pushes the boundaries of high street and high fashion.




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