From Classic to Customization: My Lady Dior


The classic quilted Lady Dior has been a staple handbag in many a style maven’s closet for years. However the brand eponymous classic is getting a retake to appeal to the young luxury consumers, by introducing a concept that allows for the It bag to be personalised to the wearer’s individual taste.

The My Lady Dior is the first such customizable bag from the French maison.

It is a slow change for the brand as the size remains the same. The only bespoke element is the adjustable strap which comes equipped to hold three of Dior’s enamel Lucky Badges. The 41 available badges are inspired by Christian Dior’s own famous lucky charms and can be clipped to the shoulder strap of My Lady Dior which accommodates 3 badges at a time. The designs for the badges include the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, and familiar symbols like the bee, the rose and the star.


Whilst this not much of a change, it is a significant step for the French Maison and the influence of the new age luxury consumers.


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