OFF Paris Seine: Paris’ hottest dig

Offering views of the Seine and the city, Paris has got its first floating hotel, OFF Paris Seine. With it’s trendy interiors and stunning location, this one is a must visit.


This hotel poses as the unique amalgamation of a French riviera setting, interspersed with historical sights and Parisian culture.

With 58 rooms and 4 suites, this is the latest hotel, Paris has to offer. The USP is its choice of views.  You have the luxury of choice of having a view of the Seine and its banks and the historic Austerlitz railway station or to gaze at barges sailing down the Seine.



The rest of the hotel discreetly contours the Seine with elegant zinc roofs that slant skywards and open up the façade whilst a central glass ceiling lets in natural light into the heart of the vessel.

With great views and a unique way of living on the riverfront, this hotel should be on everyone’s list.


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